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Eden stars as Scar at camp create.
Silly girls fawn all over Gaston

The Wolf Creek Collective is Southwest Florida’s newest theater program and only apprenticeship program for aspiring writers, directors, and choreographers. We are so excited to bring you a brand new educational theater experience, focused on the creative elements of design that will bring your student’s visions to reality.

Our goal is to have every child leave a show more knowledgeable, inspired, and prepared for their futures in theatrical performance. We are dedicated to bringing you an amazing mix of professional instruction and self exploration to create better performers and shows that will be remembered for a lifetime.


We hold open auditions for all our shows, run by the students who are in the apprenticeship roles for each specific production. Currently due to Covid safety precautions, auditions are individual, scheduled in 10 minute blocks. When you sign up for an audition slot, you will be sent a video of a short piece of choreography about a week beforehand. Please learn this, as well as prepare about 30 seconds of any song you like to sing. You will do both at the audition for your director.

Currently we are auditioning for:

  • Let Your Hair Down Rapunzel (August 8th)

    -’It’s time to let your hair down, have a little fun,’ chimes the company in the opening number of this fresh, vivacious musical adaptation of a popular tale.  Rene Shwartzbuckle sings to her husband, Walt, about her zany obsession for a turnip-like vegetable called ’rapunzel.’ After spotting a delectable patch of the plant in Witch Izwitch’s garden, Rene sends Walt to ’borrow’ some.  The irritated witch has her malicious henchmen, the Glumpwarts, terrorize Walt.  In fear, he promises to give his firstborn child to the witch in exchange for his own freedom. We are then taken many years ahead to visit the beautiful Shwartzbuckle child…  Rapunzel. It’s our heroine’s 18th birthday, and Witch Izwitch follows through with her promise and places poor Rapunzel alone in a tower.  From here, an exuberant, amusing rescue attempt begins!
  • Phantom of the Opera (August 15th)

    -From his hideout beneath a 19th century Paris opera house, the brooding Phantom schemes to get closer to vocalist Christine Daae. The Phantom, wearing a mask to hide a congenital disfigurement, strong-arms management into giving the budding starlet key roles, but Christine instead falls for arts benefactor Raoul. Terrified at the notion of her absence, the Phantom enacts a plan to keep Christine by his side, while Raoul tries to foil the scheme. This is one of the most famous, longest running musicals in Broadway History!

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